Vacation in Hamburg Day 7

Vacation in Hamburg Day 7

Today was really cool.

Funny thing at breakfast. I was choosing my cheese slices carefully. Camembert. Emmentaller. Hmmm… what’s this… hmm… something with pepper… I suddenly felt a hand on my butt. Okaaaaay. I tuner around. No one. I looked down. Two dark eyes were staring back at me. “Can I help you, little one?” “Can you give me one stick of butter please?” One tiny girl, about 3 years old, wanted some butter, but she was too short to reach the table.  “Just one?” And I gave her two. She took both. “Dankeeeeh.” “Bitteeeeeh.” She was so sweet.

I ran into her once more a little later. She didn’t know if one is supposed to turn the key to the right or to the left while opening a door. “Need some help little one?” “I can’t open the door.” “Here you go…” She had a toilette-emergency and her mother was still downstairs with her siblings.

Then we did some translating.

And then Heaven for Little Doc. I went to Brook restaurant. I have to say: 1. A little expensive, but totally worth it. 100%. It’s in my top 5 restaurants. And I’ve tried maaaany restaurants. 2 of the top ones are actually here in Hamburg. Hihi.

Starter: Asian variation. What can I say… perfection. I don’t really like this thing with a plate on a plate. Yeah ok, it’s all about fine dining, it looks nice but it’s not so practical, especially if there’s no sauce on the little plate. I see no point in it. Anyway. Really good.

Main course: Piglet, pumpkin and goat cheese risotto and wild broccoli. The skin was so crispy, the meat was tender, cooked to perfection, and OMG. When you come across the cheese bits woooooooow.

But what I found absolutely amazing was the dessert variation. It was like nothing I had ever tasted. Wow. Rosemary ice-cream. My God. Ladies and Gents, culinary orgasm.

Then a looong walk… Water… Elba… as usual. I love Hamburg.

Yep, it’s actually true…



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