Vacation in Hamburg Day 6

Vacation in Hamburg Day 6

Today was a great day.

I went to this washing-centre. As soon as I saw the lady working there through the window, I knew it – she’s Romanian. I went in and I spoke German. She wrote my name right – ok she’s 100% Romanian, but I didn’t say anything. She later had a question for a colleague. The colleague came in and… yeah. The shop belongs to a Romanian family.. I explained her once more why I believe it is not wise to wash my white shirts together with my dark jeans.

She then wanted my phone number. And all of a sudden no more „Mrs.“. I became „you“ to her. As you all know, I’m not really into being „sietzt“ HERE. But that doesn’t mean that everyone should talk on a first-name basis to me. I don’t want that. Nope. „Oh that’s so good… we now know a doctor here.“ Uhmmmm. Okkkaaaay…

Oh well… then I went to the University here. I saw a cafe for students. I couldn’t take a picture, but they all looked so relaxed and joyful… How nice…

The Planten un Blomen. Well, honestly just snow and trees. But my fairy-tale goes on… everything was so quiet… Hamburg is still asleep. But my spring has got to come. My birthday is in spring. Please Germany, allow me a couple of hours of spring for my birthday.

And then FINALLY Karo Fisch Restaurant. As I already told you guys, the restaurant is rather small and I had to sit with someone at the table, but it was worth it. The food is great.

I had a combination of seafood. God, it was good. I need to go there once more. 1.

Simple as that.

Then a walk through the city… Frozen Quark in the Europa Passage and Lehmanns…

Oh! There’s this new Supermarket – Go Asia! – Karstadt. I went there. Whoaaa. Amazing. I bought myself tamarind (I had already tried it in Paris) but it wasn’t that sweet. And Nori chips. Those were good.


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