Day 11 – Thursday

Day 11 – Thursday

Today went on so fast. My thoughts were definitely not at what the teacher was saying. As I already expected I was the patient today. You know, I find it a bit bothering. I’ve already been the patient for three times now and I’ve only once been the doctor. It’s annoying, especially when my colleagues ask the wrong questions, that is, they do not follow the holy structure of the teacher, so he gets annoyed and both me and the doctor get punished. Why so angry dude? I was only answering his questions, it’s not my fault that he doesn’t follow your set of questions. I know the teacher’s right. Structure is always good, simpler is always better. Because this way one can ask specific, clear questions. That is good for the exam. And I would really follow his structure…. If he gave me the chance!!! I just wanna be the doctor once more!

There are also other tiny itsy bitsy problems at school… I have already mentioned some. But you know, at the end of the day, if you forget about this special “teacher” moments, I find the course to be really good. I really love structure and discipline. I do believe he can get a bit too sensitive… but we are not really the best students ever either. After we are done with the anamnesis we are supposed to say a couple of phrases about lab exams and so on. The teacher has already given us a short speech with what we are supposed to read. We are allowed to change it, but not too much… for instance, we could ask for more examinations… But not more than 2 or 3 and they have to be clearly explained to the patient. Of course, during the exam we are not going to say everything just as the teacher would expect us to. That would be a bit strange for the other doctors :)). But during this course we must focus on our fantasy. And you know, if he likes hearing all these things, ok. Why not? I’m going to give you an example: At the end of the first part of the exam we supposed to say, according to the teacher: “Die Anamnese, die körperliche Untersuchung, die Laborwerte sowie die apparative Diagnostik deuten auf….hin.” But we don’t have any blood test result, any ultrasound… nothing except for the medical history. So it would be stupid to say all these things. I guess we should only say “Die Anamnese deutet auf….hin”. I think I’m going to ask someone, but not the teacher. :)))

Still. At school I only say what I know he would like to hear. End of story. But one colleague, who actually speaks quite good German, asked today.. “So are we supposed to say all this crap (she said “Quatsch”) during the exam, or only the important things?” My German is definitely not so good, but I am quite convinced one should not use such words in class. The teacher was pale. It would be cool if I could remember everything he said. I will just sum everything up: “Such vocabulary will not be tolerated here. Blah blah blah *words in German* blah blah blah I am no Döner street vendor… Go to your father and talk to him like that, not to me. We are going to take a break. Unacceptable. Unbelievable. *more words in German* Next time you are out!!! My course is great and it is so much cheaper than the one in Charite!! For Charite one must wait 3-4 months in order to get in and it lasts too long and you would never get the chance to speak…ughhhh…!!!” The poor colleague had already started to cry and she kept saying that that was not what she meant. I think the teacher thought she meant what he had given us was crap. One must never offend the holy structure of the teacher. She got punished and her letter was not reviewed by the teacher. Poor girl. And she spoke so good German… Most of the times.

He did come to me to correct my letter. Problem was he thought my W was actually w. I told him “No, it is not. I understood what you said. I know it is supposed to be written with a big W.” But he went on saying it was small… I think I should know how my letters look like. Oh well. He later said to a colleague that I was trying to help him during the anamnesis but he wasn’t paying enough attention to me… “Sie sagte „p…A…V…“ => Perhaps I wasn’t such a bad patient afterall.

🙂 Poor colleague…

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