Stolberg Day 5

Stolberg Day 5

Today was good. Boring, but I got to chat with some colleagues. AÄ SU backed a cake yesterday and she brought some to work today. She gave us each a plate with our names on. She gave us the plates and there was one with my name on it. I was quite moved. She acknowledged my existence. And she said: I’m going to do this time, and you’ll do it on the next patient. Wow… thanks!

We had lunch. My biggest problem is that I don’t know the names of all the dishes there. So I just grabbed a salad. I sat next to my colleague, AÄ JF. She’s quite new too. She asked me something regarding the exam. Just like that, out of the blue. All the OÄ turned their heads to me. They were paying attention now. Crap. I have to talk in front of everyone. I answered her question they kept looking at me. And then they each asked me something. Hihi. We have spoken to each other! Yaaaay. But then I told my colleague: „Why’d you have to ask me that in front of everyone? I cannot speak in front of the OÄ!! I’m too shy!!“ „But you speak really well German. And you should practice for your exam. Hihi.“ She’s cool.

And now… study!


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