Vacation in Hamburg Day 3

Vacation in Hamburg Day 3

It was snowing today in Hamburg. And it was warmer. Perfect time to take a walk.

I went to Miniatur Wunderland. So. Miniatur Wunderland is really nice and I found all the details so be fascinating… But. There’s one more thing. If you really pay attention in there, you’ll find some sexy things too. I found 5 rooms like that + one nude beach. Hint: they are all in Germany. MiWuLa is a MUST.

Then eating. Once more. Karo Fisch was full. Arghhh… So I went to this other Restaurant there – September (near Messenhalle U-Bahn Station / Feldstraße (U2 or U3)) I had the “September-style fish with September-potatoes and onion.) Good. But the fish was a bit too dry, although they tried to save it with some sauce. And the onion was not fully cooked.

As of now, I will be giving grades to what I eat. From 1 to 6, where 1 is scrumptious and 6 is awful. So for September and its fish… 2.90. Then I went shopping – Edeka at the central station and then back to the hotel. I need to make my application video and translate this blog.

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