Wismar Day 8

Wismar Day 8

Today was short… and not so cool.

OÄ HF and FÄ KA were operating together. FÄ KA asked if I could understand German. Yes!! And I can also speak German.. when I’m not too stressed-out. Ughh…frustrating. I think they all think I’m stupid.

My beloved CÄ asked me at the end what I’m doing during the weekend. I said I was travelling to Schwerin…and studying. She’s so clever! There’s this phenomenon – Zoning out. I can speak German… I understand what everyone’s saying around me but sometimes… when no one talks to me… I zone out. I’ve heard that’s normal. So, when she wants to talk to me, she touches my hand, so that I pay attention to her. So clever! She knows about zoning out, I think.

So something nasty happened today. As the OÄ was operating, her cell phone rang. A nurse told me I should answer… That was a mess. I ended up crying a little. But no one saw. I only said “The OÄ is operating… could you phone again a little bit later?”My auntie Mrs Nurse R told me I should pass the phone back to the other nurse. Ok… I’m not good at this at all…

Oh well.

In the evening I went back to New Orleans… to drown my sorrow in aioli. There were two guys there and they were complaining to each other about their gfs. “Hey… we wouldn’t want to disturb you, but uhm… why do women always do things that they know would disturb us?” “I don’t know. I’m not like that.” Leave me aloooooooooooone.. I don’t know any German. I’m stupid.

No, they don’t… 🙁

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