Day 18 – Thursday

Day 18 – Thursday

Someone told me today I should add here a couple of photos of the apartment. I think I should do just that, but I would also like to discuss a little bit about how big this place really is. It is… big. You get the main room, which is absolutely enormous, the bathroom and the kitchen, along with a tiny hallway. I feel as if I were living in a five star hotel. But. As you all can remember, I had a guest last weekend. Hmm and then things got a little bit complicated. My friend slept in the kitchen and to be honest it wasn’t the best idea ever for either of us. The place is, to my mind, best suited for one person or for a couple. This way the main room stays the main room, and you sleep and study there, and the kitchen remains the kitchen. For instance I wanted to drink something from the fridge, but he was there and I didn’t want to disturb… And he only stayed here for a couple of days, he didn’t have to study, and we know each other pretty well. :)))) … So the apartment is indeed better than a 5 star hotel and I am really glad I had the chance to live here… But… I’m also really happy to be here alone. I could not stand being when someone else here 24/7. But perhaps that’s just me… I eat alone, I sleep alone, I go for walks alone…. And I don’t have any problem with it. Perhaps you guys need more human contact :)))

However I am not totally alone here. The super lovely Scheuch family lives downstairs and they are always there for me. They invited me to have lunch together on the 26th of December. I should really think about what I could cook for them. Hehe… Today they also said I spoke German really well, but I think they’re just trying to be nice to me. They were actually worried because I got home so late today (I usually returned home by 5 p.m. and they already know me and know that I would never stay too long out). I told them about our extra course…

By the way, the teacher made a proposition today, that we should come to school on the 30th of December. I cannot make it then, but I didn’t say anything. He paid attention though, and after the break he said: “C, if you cannot make it on that Saturday, perhaps we could come up with something together.” (Hmmmm what do you have in mind?! Uhm?!) Me: “Uh??” Teacher: “How about you come tomorrow on your own. I mean, there is another girl who should come, too, her name is M. How would 12 p.m. suit you?” I could not understand anything. The colleagues couldn’t understand anything either. Tomorrow is Friday. After a few seconds a colleague finally uttered a question: “So uhm… Tomorrow is Friday… You mean we are all not supposed to come… Just C and that girl, M?” Teacher: “Yes I thought the holidays are almost here and perhaps you’d like a break.” And why wouldn’t I want a break?!?! Heeeey! I want a break too! Not fair. But he went on saying: “But you can all come tomorrow and then C will come on this Saturday”. To be honest right now I do not know if A) I am extremely stupid and the man thinks “she needs extra classes, poor little retard C” or B) he just wants to help me. I have absolutely no idea, but I tend to go with A). Perhaps another colleague would like to join in? Not just me and M. Whatsherface. Uhm. We’ll see what he says tomorrow.



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