The Day Before The FSP

The Day Before The FSP

I went to the staff department in the morning in order to collect my Hospitation certificate. Before I got in the cab, all my stuff fell down in mud. Sh*t. Great. Now everything’s wet. The driver came and I didn’t see him. He didn’t see me either, so he went looking for me in the hospital… He eventually told me: “Today just isn’t your day, is it?” “Nope. I just hope tomorrow is.”

And then I went to the airport. My throat aches. I just hope I’ll be able to speak normally tomorrow. I’m so nervous. Herr Karwbonik will pick me up from the airport. He’ll probably want to practice the anamnesis. Nervousneeeeeess…

The plane that’s going to take me to the FSP…

I am writing this from the plane. I have a terrible headache too. There were no clementine sin, Stolberg, So… I caught a cold. And all my colleagues had a cold, so… Not the best timing though. In 24 hours I will be free. I will have taken the exam, perhaps not passed it, but I will have taken it.

And now from the hotel. My hotel is really close to the central station. Herr Karbownik picked me up from the airport and he showed me the way to the hotel… and then a part of the city. Hamburg is really cool. It was pretty dark when I got here, but it’s obvious that this city is really beautiful. I get it now – why everyone’s talking about it. Yep. We went to buy something so that I can nibble on some sweets. I was thrice explained where I should go, which wagons I should take when I go to the airport (the first 3!!!) Thank you, Certa. You guys are really doing your best. I will probably disappoint you, but hey… at least we already know that.

I was obviously nervous and deaf, as always. Ughhhh. Oh well. I’m in my room now. My dear Dr GH and I practised some more. We’ve been doing it daily. DAILY. God, G, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

And now shower and then one more letter. I cannot do this any longer. So… till after the exam then. Come what may. In God I trust.



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