Day 8 – Monday

Day 8 – Monday

School was pretty light today. I definitely think I am coming down with something. Crap. I’m nauseous and somewhat lightheaded… Not good. Luckily I brought some pills with me. Oh! For those of you who come from Romania, as I do, where one can get basically every medicine they want… uhm… bring some with you. I cannot make it through a cold without Xylometazoline. According to Google it should be available here without prescription… buuuut just bring it with you. The plant extract thingies never work on me.

A colleague got his PKT Termin in Münster today. He’s also a Certa candidate. He’s gonna take it on January 9th. Today is December 11th. Winter is coming… (Game of Thrones, anyone?? <3 )

After school two colleagues and I went to Sushi Miyaki… and then to a cafe in order to practice our holy anamnesis (Meyerbeer Coffee – really close from school and really cosy).

And now homework…

Here’s a photo with what I had for lunch today… (crispy duck…)



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