Day 2 – 3 January 2018

Day 2 – 3 January 2018

I woke up so joyful today!!

And something extremely nice happened. Mrs Stade read my blog and she sent me an e-mail about it… I got a funny feeling at first… whoa… people are reading my thoughts… but she was soooo sweet!! <3 As always. :-* :-* Ooooh Mrs Stade!!! <3

At 4 p.m. I had my first talk with Dr. H. She’s going to take the exam on the 16th of January…. Ooooh she is so anxious… but she’s goooood! If only I spoke so well… Hmm…but perhaps I have other qualities… I just hope one day I’ll actually find out about them :)))

A strange thought crossed my mind this evening: what if I am not good enough for the Hospitation??? I need to study more.

But noooow… I need to translate my blooog…

I’m really sorry I don’t have anything interesting to tell you guys. I just translate and read all day long…

Come on Certa, take me back to my Germany already!!!


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