Day 13 – Saturday

Day 13 – Saturday

I would really love to have some Greek food today. My friends and I met up at 11 a.m in Friedrichstrasse and from there we went to Gedächtnisstätte Berliner Mauer. I already went there a couple of years ago but that doesn’t mean I find it boring now. No. The rest of the wall and the stories that you can read here or even hear and see make me feel grateful for what I have. And I get a full grasp of how unimportant my problems are… For instance last week I complained daily about my shoes and how they were hurting my feet. Every single day. I also complained that I had almost no time to go to restaurants… I was so superficial… You know even some of my deeper troubles seem no longer so dramatic… Of course, some remain and cast a dark shadow on my mood sometimes but those I cannot control. This feeling of powerlessness…hmm… I find it so difficult to bear. One such day was Thursday.

Then we went to Warschauerstrasse in order to see the rest of the wall. I find this place to be a bit too aggressive and…hmmm.. prostitutes, drugs… they are all there. We didn’t stay too long.

Then Charlottenburg. Mrs Scheuch told me it would be lovely. And she was right… There was also another Christmas market there <3.

Finally, we went to Taverna Athens. Tzatziki, souvlaki, griechische Kartoffeln… All for me!! For my buddies, too, but they were too concentrated on the drinks they served there, they had ouzo/raki and they were trying to conduct some experiments in order to find out what it was. Something with water… If you mix it with the drink it should turn white. And if it’s positive then it means you are drinking ouzo I think… Boring. Anyways. My dish was just for me. I had tzatziki and feta cheese and I was so so so happy.

Today was a full day… We walked and walked and walked… And now…



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