Vacation in Hamburg Day 12

Vacation in Hamburg Day 12

Today was delicious.

I really wanted to get to see Chocoversum before I leave my North and that’s what I did today. CHOCOVERSUM.

Guys if you come to Hamburg, you must really visit it!! And buy the tickets beforehand (min 24 hrs), they’re cheaper this way (you can find them online).

I created my very own chocolate – with chilli and salt… and something crispy on top. I love chilli and chocolate. Legendary combo. Yumm.

So these are the 3 maschines used in order to make chocolate.

And then I went to Thalia and I DID NOT BUY ANY BOOKS. Hear that, VIPs? Not a single book was bought! I’m a good girl <3 We came across some more relatives from Lin there…


And then I wanted to eat something at Karo Fisch, but I didn’t have any cash on me, so I went to this shopping center in Feldstraβe (Rindermarkthalle St Pauli), to withdraw some money. OMG you guys. There’s a shop/bistro in there where you can get all sorts of dips, which I love… The place is called “Gaumengold“ –  wow… it was heavenly.

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