Stolberg Day 8

Stolberg Day 8

Today was boring. AÄ KD told me I should hang around with her today. We had lunch together. She explained everything I didn’t understand. As we were eating, she asked: „So is there like someone back at home who used to talk to you in German as you were little?“ The Question perplexed me. „No…? I’ve just been studying it in the last couple of years and like… I got really into it… but…no.“ „Wow. Cool. You speak perfectly.“Thank, K, but it’s not really so good as you think. If I get too nervous, I just start saying all sorts of stupid stuff…“

There’s this other AÄ – GVN. I’ve heard a lot about her – she’s good, yeah, but not everyone seems to like her. They say she’s too strict and even mean sometimes. Hmmmm ok. I met her on Thursday and I must say I was shocked. GVN is C. She’s mad about structure, rules, efficiency, she hates laziness and she keeps correcting everyone when something’s not right. Hmmm… but I can get her and I know she means well. The others… don’t really love her style. But… yeah. Oh well. At least I know now what my future colleagues are going to say about me. But we only mean well…

I find it funny, how uncomfortable people get during so-called “awkward silence” moments. I don’t have a problem with it. I can just stay in one place with someone without uttering a single word… for hours at a time. But I’ve noticed that other keep twisting and turning, they scratch their heads, they look at their phones… why so stressed? :)))) Funny people…

It’s finally weekend. I’m gonna do some shopping. I need to dye my hair. Blonde is definitely not the colour for me. I need like silveeeeer-grey or silver-blonde.

So I went shopping and I dyed my hair. I am now happy. Silver silver silver. I have the granny style look going on, but I just can’t seem to adjust myself to any other colour. And my acne, who just won’t leave me anymore, allows me no warm hair colours. Oh well. I bought myself some cheese. Tomorrow I’ll have some cheeeeese for breakfast.

Till then study and sleep.

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