Day 5 – Friday

Day 5 – Friday

The teacher said a funny thing today: “Please try to pronounce the words correctly, you’re no Döner street vendors”.  And hell broke loose. My colleagues didn’t really enjoy his comparison…they’re a bit too sensitive :)) But I find the teacher to be actually rather funny: “How come you think that if you say the same thing 5 times wrong…it will eventually turn right?” or “You know, when you’re not following the structure I gave you, I just conclude that you’re cordially trying to show me that you disagree with me, so I simply stop you.” So elegantly put… But daaaamn it burns when he says it like that, so plain and calm.

After school, I went to an Asian restaurant right across the street from the school (Sushi Miyabi). And then I got myself some FroYoooo from Wonderpots <3!


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