Wismar Day

Wismar Day

I kept dwelling on how I should name this day. Should I start all over again with Day 0 or Day 1 Should I go on with day 11? Hmmm.. no idea, I’ll give it some more thought.

So: 6.30 a.m. Otopeni Airport, Bucharest.

I was so nervous, as ususal. I think… if someone were to count how many times I’ve written a specific line, I think „I am nervous” would be no 1. And I actually use it a lot in real life, too. So… the flight was better as I had expected. I was so tired, I fell asleep three times during the flight. Which I never usually do. Wow.

At the end all passangers received some candy. It was really good. If you have any clue about where I could find this type of candy, would you be so kind as to let the Certa people know about it? Pretty pleeeaseeee?:))))

Finally some German air. Or just simply finally air. Hamburg. Hmmm… I’d always thought I would come here to take the exam, but here I am. I haven’t had any time to visit the city, but I’m just happy I was here. And I had a fish sandwich. Yumm. <3 I love food.

Hamburg Airport


Hamburg Railway Station


Lin, Hamburg Railway Station

Praise the Lord I had Mr Grigorov by my side. Praise the Lord!! Mr Grigorov, once more: DANKE SEHR!!! The S-bahn was completely chaotic, we had to change twice. My luggage weighs 30 kilos… It was… Ughhh. So please pay attention to all the announcements in the S-Bahn. Mr Grigorov told me more about the FSP… as usual, Certa knows it all. What amazes about these people is how normal they behave – the Certa family. Ok, candidates make mistakes, but it’s fine, they get what you mean, it’s all good, all chill… (but not for me, I must stay nervous).

Lin on the train to Schwerin <3 <3 <3

And then I went to Wismar. We had something yumm to eat… tanananaaaa!

Zur Bratkartoffel Restaurant – super-good!!! I totally recommend it. If you happen to cross Schwerin, make a short detour and try something out here. YOU MUST!!

And then… Wismar. North. One of the first things that hit me here was how hoch the people here talk. And the town… I live right in the very heart of it, perhaps I’ll add some phoyos tomorrow. I’m so super tired rn…

PS. I actually slept from 19.00 till 7.30 on the next day.

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