Wismar Day 7

Wismar Day 7

In the morning I take the bus with Mrs CHH. She’s so modern and open-minded. She said, if I ever needed something, I should tell her and we’ll sort it out together. So thoughtful of her! I’d really love to talk to her more, but I’m way to shy and everytime I try to say something I end up saying something wrong… Ahhh… dear Mrs CHH… life’s hard. And frustrating.

I went to the OR again today. There’s this nurse there. Mrs R. I really like her a lot. She’s so nice to me. She keeps on encouraging me. Would you like to be my auntie? That would be cool. But I never dare to ask her. And I am quite convinced that socializing doesn’t work that way. Still… would you like to be the auntie of a little duckling? I know my hands are too small, you told me that (well actually everyone told me that) and sometimes I get two fingers stuck in one glove finger… cause I have strangely tiny hands… but…still… would you like to be the auntie of a broken duckling? One time my auntie R put her hand against mine. Hihi. Yeah, I’m tiny and silly, I know. But she smiled at me. May I hug you, Mrs Auntie Nurse R? My Mrs Auntie Nurse R gave me some surgical thread today… so that I can practice. Hihi.

I went to the Sprechstunde today…the whole day. I really get to learn a lot with OA HA. I have a tiny notebook and I write down questions, which he always answers. So nice of him!

AÄ LSF allowed me to read some patient Compliances today. I need those for my exam. Thank you, L!! Hug?


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