Vacation in Hamburg Day 15

Vacation in Hamburg Day 15

Today was a nice day.

Except for Lunch. I really wanted to try out a running-sushi restaurant and according to Google… Sushi Circle should be one of the best here. Worst sushi experience ever. 5.

But today something good happened, too. Ms Pepelnik called me today. What I really love about Frau Pepelnik is how cheerful and encouraging she always is. She wanted to let me know that they’d received a second request from a Chefarzt in Rendsburg, near Kiel. The North. The clinic isn’t as large as the one in Oldenburg, but it is still pretty big. I honestly think I’m too stupid for both of them. Frau Pepelnik disagrees with me, but she’s always nice and friendly… <3 Lin really insisted on meeting her, too, so he took a selfie and sent it to her. He’s such an attention-seeker… Ugh Lin… It’s really not the right time for that…

The sweetest attention-seeker there is.

I had no idea what I should do.

Hmmm… who is always wiser than everyone else?

My angels in Wismar. I sent them a text and they called me. It really touched me… They’re always really there for me. Really. Not only being polite or so. They actually care about me. Vielen Dank meine Engel VIPs!

I’ll go to both interviews and see if I get any of the two jobs. If only I weren’t so shy…

And I keep asking myself the same question: How did I end up stuck in the body of a grown-up?

Dur dur d’etre bebe…

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