Day 6

Day 6

Mum said she has a funny feeling… she thinks I’m going to get an answer regarding my clerkship. Hmmm… we’ll see.

Today I had my talk with the other doctor, Dr M, who’s currently doing a clerkship in Munich. Her German ist super good, but the Fachsprache, hmmm. You know, I was the same myself and that’s why I went to Berlin to take the course. It’s of utmost importance to do that. Of course I’ll try to help her, but I’m no teacher. And I’m not soooo good myself either. You know, Euclid said once „There is no royal road to Geometry”, and that’s exactly what I would say about the FSP: „There is no royal road to FSP.” One cannot and should not skip steps. The course is important.

In the evening I made some Lemongrass Tea. Pretty good I’d say, I’d never tried it before.

So as one of my VIPs would say…

Step by step.

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