Day 10 – Wednesday

Day 10 – Wednesday

I’ve already told you my honest opinion about the teacher. He’s ok, but there are times when he can get a bit too… stiff. Take today for instance:

He doesn’t like it when we’re not following his structure. And I’m 70% okay with it… the other 30%… none of his business, I guess.  He said an obese patient had this condition because of hypothyroidism… I only partially agree to that; yes, hypothyroidism may cause overweight, but seldom more than +10-12 kg. The other extra kilos are mainly due to other afflictions or an unhealthy dier/lifestyle etc. He keeps stressing the idea that in that room we must forget our medical knowledge… focus on our imagination and so on… So yeah… His course, his rules.

One of the colleagues who didn’t follow the teacher’s set of Qs asked if he could give it one more try. The teacher agreed, buuuut it wasn’t so okay. Still, he managed to keep calm and explain everything… Well done Mr Teacher :))).

And then the second anamnesis with other 2 colleagues. What I’m about to tell is not criticism. I myself am faaaaar from good, so I’m not in the position of judging. But it went so. A was the patient and B was the doctor. B did follow the holy structure of our teacher in the beginning but then, as we all noticed, A was a bit too playful. The teacher said that, as a patient, one may interrupt, may ask Qs, may be scared and so on… but please prepare your cases and try not to overthink your answers. So honestly it wasn’t that bad but A got a bit too playful and she didn’t seem to be taking anything seriously… So then Booooom!!!. The teacher just said “ok I get it now” and stopped answering their questions. He would only say “I don’t know”. After they were finished, he simply stated “Both of you have failed the exam. It was bad and honestly I don’t know why you still come to my class if you don’t take my advice. And why do you keep asking <<why do we have to do this and that >>? Have you ever prepared someone for the FSP? If you have, then why are you still here? I have already prepared … and he mentioned a number … doctors. They have all passed their test. Have you ever done it? I will keep waiting until you answer. I will not utter a single word until you answer me.” We all just stood there pokefaced. Then he asked “Why do I have to explain you everything when in 3-4 days you’re going to learn it anyways?? You never follow my advice. Now, shall we go on for those who really want to pass their test? Grammar. And for those of you who do not want to pass their test simply don’t come anymore. It’s no problem.”

Ok so I’m so scared right now because I know that tomorrow I should be either the doctor or the patient… ugh.

A friend from Romania called me today. He’s in the Senate of our Uni and he told me they were talking about the best student of the 2017 promotion and how she went away to Germany. So it would appear that I have jeopardised the image of the university. Oh well. S** happens. I have already had a discussion with the Senate a few months ago. They wanted something opulent and enormous for our graduation and I strongly disagreed. Because that would mean I would have to hold the speech in front of 300 students plus at least three family members per student. And I have never ever held a speech in front of more than 20 people. But no one ever listens to me. So I had to hold my speech in front of 1200 people and take the Hippocratic Oath in front of everyone… so that was a s** day for me. Never again.

And now I am unable to speak in front of 12 colleagues. God I can be strange sometimes.

😉 I guess I am one…

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