Stolberg Day 12

Stolberg Day 12

I am crying. I went on my balcony and took a look around. I am in Germany. I’ve got sun in my life. I am here thanks to my efforts (and Certa).

We had German, Romanian, Italian and Spanish patients today. The last ones could only speak English, no German. In the morning I had to talk to one of them in English. Then came the Spanish patient and I talked a little to her in Spanish. I got the languages mixed up and I reached a point where I couldn’t say anything anymore. Just like that. I tried to form a sentence, but it started in Spanish, continued in English and ended in German. I couldn’t focus on speaking one language. Wtf C… do you have some form of TIA? Snap out of it. I finally explained everything in English. I don’t know too many medical terms in Spanish.

At around noon we had a new patient. Romanian. I had to translate everything. Then came the anesthesiologist and I had to explain the procedure to the patient and all the paperwork that needed to be signed.

The CA spoke to me at lunch. A little. He’s nice but shy. Just like me. Best combo for a talk. 🙂 And before the afternoon meeting, he asked me about the exam. The Oberärzte were also there. I answered, but I was really nervous…

During the meeting, one of the OÄ told everyone how the patient had become all the info in her own language – thanks to me. I lost the floor beneath my feet. Huh? The OÄ mentions me?? The CA looked at me. He nodded – thanks. That’s never happened to me before. I am…me. The CA thanked… me. Me. And then it hit me. You are in Germany C. Nobody knows you here. The “thank you” you got is all on you. Boaaaah. Wow. That’s gotta mean something.

And then came the “cherry to top it all”. I went to the Romanian patient. Her husband was there. I told them that my shift is done, but I live across the street. In case they need me, they can always tell one of the midwives to contact me. And then followed something that every doctor would like to hear. The dream. “Thank you for everything you’ve done for us.” I was speechless. I just smiled and got out. Boaaah. Too much for one day. A patient said, “thank you”. Wow. Wow. Wooooow. As one of my VIPs would say: “Emotion Rollercoaster”.

I’m still on the balcony. I’m writing this on my phone.

Thank you, Germany.


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