Stolberg Day 14

Stolberg Day 14

Today was rather boring… One of my VIPs said I should stay here after the exam. Nope. I need a break. Aachen was ok, but not my thing. Too noisy, too dirty, no nature, just buildings and shops and many many languages all around me, no order… Not for me.

I’ve already been to other big cities in Germany… Munich, Berlin, Dresden… smaller cities Lübeck, Schwerin, I was in Baden Württenberg and I got to visit a couple of cities there (but I forgot the names), they were all really nice. I have really nice memories of these places. But here… I just couldn’t bring myself to like it. However. One of my buddies said he finds such places cool – like Aachen – and he finds Munich rather boring. He lives in Paris now – I’ve told you guys about him as I was in Berlin. I guess it’s got to do with taste. I’m so weird… Sorry guys.


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