Stolberg Day 2

Stolberg Day 2

I was expected to go to the hospital today. „If I want to…“ But today was not so productive for me. Not at all… perhaps tomorrow…. I think it would be good, cause this way it would be easier for me on Monday. I just stayed in this hostel. I even slept. And that’s not a good sign in my case…

I have to keep the authenticity of the blog going. As muh as I can. Uhmmmm… I don’t have the best feelings regarding the hospital. That’s been so ever since I got here. Yeah, the CA is nice, but I don’t feel so comfortable in this place. I don’t belong here, I hope I’ll adapt myself to this place… this  is not my world. The athmosphere is… yeah… itreminds me of the time in Munich.

I have to go there tomorrow. I must.

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