Interview in Rendsburg

Interview in Rendsburg

I didn’t write anything yesterday. So sue me 😛 But I just went for a walk and that’s about it.

Today I had the interview with the Prof in Rendsburg. Frau Pepelnik had already organized everything and she explained to me how I would get to the hospital and everything, to whom I was supposed to talk and so on. That was really helpful as I was too nervous to think by myself anyway. I went to Rendsburg by train and from the central station, I walked about 15 minutes to the hospital. As usual, I found it to be really complicated. I got there a bit early so I had to wait for about 5-10 mins. The Prof came and invited me into his office.

So I took a seat. On his seat. Cause yeah, that’s how I roll – lame and awkward. He actually told me that was his seat but told me to stay there. It’s all good. He’s really nice. But I was soooo stressed out. Damn it, C. Must you really screw everything up?

He later stated that he found my video to be quite good and he asked how much I’d practised before I sent it. (a lot! 🙂 ) He told me stuff about the clinic, about himself… It was all really chill and I was of course fascinated with his German. It was so hoch, precise and clear to understand. He asked if he was speaking too fast. I said no no, go on. I understand everything. PLEASE go on.

He asked if I would like to live in Rendsburg or better in Kiel. Well, that’s a good question. What would you recommend? He was really honest about it and told me he has children and they live in Hamburg and… Kiel. So “Kiel.” The other colleagues live in Kiel, too, so perhaps it would be better if I didn’t remain all alone in Rendsburg. Yeah, I guess he’s got a good point.

We went together to another colleague which walked around the clinic with me. Poor girl. Stuck with me. But she was really cool, she explained everything and she said: “We’d be really sad if you said no.” Awwww… And how could I say “no”? She’s really nice. But what would happen if I were too stupid for the clinic? Ohhh…decision making…

So both colleagues I got to meet today were nice. I like them a lot… but I’m still too shy and cannot talk to them. I guess I’ll stay like this for a couple of months or so. Oh…

I also got to meet two OÄ. They were also nice to me. One of them actually came just to greet me. ME. Wow. Now that’s new. She was really nice.

At 15.20 I went back to the professor. He asked if I found the clinic to be good. Of course!

We went to the staff department together.

And then began the actual talk. Why I am here, how long do I plan on staying here, Hobbies, which other languages I can speak…and so on. I was obviously nervous. And lame, as usual.

I actually said that I like to eat. That’s my hobby. Now if you’ve read the blog, you know that is 100% true. Me and my culinary journeys…

At the end, the professor said he’d like to see me again. I replied: “and you will.” But I guess he didn’t take me seriously, especially because he knew I was going to have a second interview in Oldenburg, and that’s a UniKlinik. But what the Prof didn’t know is that he’d actually touched some key points for me. He was honest and said I should live in Kiel. He said that if I didn’t find a place to live, then I could live with him and his family for a couple of weeks. I could travel with the colleagues to work, I shouldn’t be alone in Randsburg. He was actually worried that I couldn’t find the way back to the train station. And lastly, what the Prof doesn’t know is how much I love the North. And water. And the people here. My home.

So we’ll about the other clinic. The UniKlinik.

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2 thoughts on “Interview in Rendsburg

  1. Buna ,ma numesc Adelina si sunt studenta in ultimul an la medicina . As dori sa aflu mai multe detalii despre cum se desfășoară rezidentiatul pe ginecologie,daca ma poti ajuta te rog cu lucruri cu care tu te-ai confruntat. Cu ce as începe ca stagiu ? Singura mea informatie e ca as începe cu chirurgie generala însă nu stiu daca asa si este . Programul cum e pe aceasta specializare ? Difera de Romania ca si timp petrecut in spital pe zi ? Cu ce cazuri va confruntati acolo cel mai des si ar fi mai complicat de abordat? Se lucreaza in echipa ,sunt deschiși colegii? Garzile cand ai voie sa le faci si cu cat sunt platite, sau in functie de ce? Astept raspunsul tau, care m-ar ajuta foarte mult ! Iti multumesc!

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