Day 3 – Wednesday

Day 3 – Wednesday

Two colleagues acted the Doctor-Patient play today.  The patient didn’t know her own symptoms quite so well (though everything was already mentioned in the clinical case) and the doctor did not follow the anamnesis Qs from the teacher. So he suddenly stopped them and said: “Ok. I believe we’ve heard enough. Your colleagues have paid for this course. We’ll just go on with someone else.” And that was it for the two culprits.

As the 3 hours were coming to an end, the Romanian colleagues spoke to each other… in Romanian. The teacher heard them and said: “You two are not coming tomorrow.” The two pair said: “But we’re married!” Laaaaaame.

It’s December and there are SO FREAKIN MANY Christmas Markets around here. <3 I’m always hungry after school. But I’ve yet to find someone willing to go on a culinary journey through Berlin with me. So I went on a walk with a colleague, so that I could speak more German and then I went home. It’s so frustrating, you know? I’m here to learn…and eat! How come no one’s willing to do that with me?

Btw, I was the patient today. It was unexpectedly good. I think the teacher noticed how shy I am and he’s trying not to kill my hopes. He’s always so kind to me. Maybe it’s just because I’m the tiniest and youngest of the group?! I think I seem vulnerable (and I am :))) ). He always says: “Will you do that?” and “All good, C.?” I just nod, I’m too shy to say something.

Joie de vivre! 🙂


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