Stolberg Day 9

Stolberg Day 9

Today I studied for a little bit and then I went to Aachen.

But before anything, I had my lovely breakfast. Oooh cheese… And fig-almond-walnuts yummy for my tummy.

I really wanted to find a bookshop. And I did. Then I had to buy some new jeans. I hate doing that. They’re either too long, too tight, too elastic (what’s the deal with these elastic new jeans?! I really hate it. Jeans have to be rather thick and stiff, to my mind. I never use fabric softener for jeans. Oh well… me and my ideas…)

Then I went to this Frittwerk Restaurant. I had some poutine (achhh cheeeese) and a chicken strip…

But that’s all. No more food today. I’ve gotten fat. I tried some new jeans on. I am normally size 34/36… and now!! 36…. 38 even for those super skinny something…jeans. My heart skipped a beat. I need to return to size 34. ASAP. If I’m tiny enough, I can hide better. Hihi.

It’s carnival here. And everyone’s wearing these funny clothes. Even at the hospital. The CA hat a huge colourful hat, one of the OÄ had a clown-thing going on, another one had this funny tie, the secretary was also wearing something funny, all the ladies working in the cafeteria are wearing these Minnie-Mouse outfits…LOL Deutschland 🙂

Aaaach… Aachen…

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