Day 20 – Saturday

Day 20 – Saturday

Today I went on a walk with my colleague… And that lasted a little bit too long. My cake is yet to be ready… S***.

Alexanderplatz, Rotes Rathaus, altes Rathaus, Bode Museum, DM :))) Rewe and ====>>> Home.

At about 7:30 I was done so I went down to the Scheuch family. Uh-oh. They had guests. Their daughter and granddaughter. And they were making the Christmas tree… And here I am standing with my cake and tiny candle holder, which I bought for them from Alexanderplatz. A friend said I should be friendlier and try to act normal. But I don’t really know how to do that… So I just did what I normally do. I stared. Then Mr Scheuch came and introduced us: “C, meine Tochter… und meine Enkeltochter… We’re making the Christmas tree… Do you do that in Romania?” I nodded. “And do you have presents in Romania?” my first impulse was to respond with my usual sarcasm and ask “No, what does “Geschenk” (=present) mean??” but then I figured if I did that they might think I am mean and that is really not true… I just don’t know how to handle people. So let’s just play it cool and light. “Yes, of course.”  And then Mrs Scheuch asked: “And when do you normally do that?” When? When?! When?!?! Wait a minute. Oh snap. I think I did something wrong. Yooooou, C, with your stupid ideas!! You should have waited till the 26th, you stupid child. But I really wanted to give them something before the 25th… God why am I so idiotic?? 0 people skills. Uhm. I’m sweating bullets. Mrs Scheuch asked again: “On the 24th or 25th?” Uuuuuf. Me: “It doesn’t really matter. It has to be sometime in December…23rd-24th until January I think hehe”. Lord take me now. God make it stop. Mrs Scheuch: “It’s always the 24th here.” Aham. Ok. I’ll just take my Kerzenhalter and kill myself with it because I am an idiot and I think I’ve offended you and I swear that was not my intention… My shirt is soaking wet. I’m actually wondering if the floor could break so that I could fall somewhere underground… then no one would be offended by my awkwardness. Then came their granddaughter, Sophie. Such a lovely child. She said something, but I don’t really understand the language young Germans speak. She seems really really nice though. Everybody laughed at what she said so I did the same. What did she say though?!… “Ok, I’m going upstairs to study now (and to hang myself). See you on the 26th!.” Mr Scheuch: “No, we will meet before that. We don’t want you to die from boredom.” “Hihi. Ok. Guten Abend!”.

Why am I the way that I am?

I spent the rest of the evening in my room as usual. I have some Merci chocolates to drown my sorrow… :))))


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