Day 9 – Thursday

Day 9 – Thursday

School was really fun today. Or should I say: days like these would be really great normally. I was the patient and it went fine. But I am too damn shy. Still… something new happened today: I actually started responding to the teacher’s Qs. And he encouraged me to go on… he even called me by my name. Wow. Such fab. I guess one wouldn’t understand it unless they’re a shy person, too. But for someone like me… to hear my name called out in public, and for something good… that means a lot. To be honest, everytime someone calls my name I feel something funny. :)) I’m like: okay, this human is aware of my existence and they want something from me. Wow. You know, I’ve always addressed myself to patients using their names “Mr/Mrs X….”, and not because someone taught me I should do so (I actually learned it’s a good thing during this course), but… I feel good when someone calls my name and I guess my brain was trying to tell my patients: “I am here for you, I am only talking to you right now, and this moment is all about you.”

There are however some problems with the course: The teacher says we’re studying emergency anamnesis. Hmmm no, I don’t think so. Better said: the patients do have acute conditions, and in such cases one shouldn’t go on with the whooooooole list of Qs, only the basics. You know, I find it problematic that during this course we are kinda forced to ignore our medical knowledge and only focus on the language. Would I ever ask a patient with a heart attack if they have dogs at home? Or where exactly (city/coutry) were they operated as they 20 years old were? Nope… I would not. But at school we must go on with the whole set of Qs. Hmmm… Uncool, Mr Teacher. :)))

Funny story: another doctor came looking for the teacher today. Prolem was, he didn’t want to speak any German. The teacher was like: “Yeah, yeah, könnten wir auf Deutsch sprechen?“ He seemed a bit anxious :)))) And we were all staring at them :))) The doctor replied: “Ja, sicher. So how long do you think it would take for me to prepare for the PKT?“ The teacher: “Das weiβ ich nicht…das hängt von Ihnen ab… Könnten Sie bitte auf Deutsch sprechen?“ Arzt: „ja, ja, klar. So where do I send the money?“ Aaaaaah <3 … here’s a taste of your own medicine, Mr Teacher :))). Not so easy speaking a different language in front of 12 people, huh? I guess I wouldn’t have a problem with English, though. But German’s hard. :)))

There’s this man at school… he’s been studying German since he was about 10 yo. He’s now 25. Goooood. And I’ve been learning German for… 18 months now? It’s a bit nerve-racking talking to him. Or even in front of him.

Today I went with my colleague to a restaurant… we wanted to practice the anamnesis. But I couldn’t eat anything there. They only served Italian stuff, and I never eat pizza, pasta or burgers. And I’m still not feeling so well. I should start eating a clementine a day, according to someone. I just bought a bagel afterwards. Why would anyone eat pizza? Ok, perhaps I can tolerate burgers. But pizza?! Bleaaaah.

I’m expecting a special guest during the weekend. A friend is arriving from Paris. He looooves food just as much as I do => we’re gonna have a tiny itsy bitsy culinary journey!! He also enjoys walks, but he can do that on his own…or with his other friends living here. It’s too cold anyways and I should also study.

So… that’s about it for today.


Some do it so well.

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