Day 23 – Tuesday / 26 December

Day 23 – Tuesday / 26 December

Today was finally the day when I had lunch with the Scheuchs. Their daughter and granddaughter were still here. Such a lovely child – their granddaughter… And so polite. She uses “Sie” when she talks to me. Haha. To me! Heeey.. I’m…C. Why do you talk to me so nicely? I didn’t say anything, not because I expect her to talk to me like that, but rather because I am too shy to correct a kid. If that’s how she wants to speak, then who am I to stop her? I find her mother simply fascinating. She’s sitting next to me at the table. She speaks so so fast. Woooooow. How can anyone speak German that quickly?! Look at her mouth moving… Whoaaa “You speak so fast! I find it fascinating!!” Great. People. Skills. Bravo. C. Great. For once I dare to utter a couple of words and the poor lady turns quiet. Noooooooo… Keep talking, please. I think I have f*** up again. That’s why I should always keep my mouth shut. Ufff.  But luckily enough she’s the most relaxed person I have ever met here. After 5 seconds: “Hahaha!! Yes, I know, my colleagues say the same =)) I’m going to try to speak slower… Ok. :))))” Mhmmm… That was actually a compliment, please keep on speaking fast. Ufff. I just smiled at her.

Then we got to the actual eating part. Rouladen. “Klassische und neue” said Mr Scheuch as he showed me two types of Rouladen. “And you get one sauce for each type. And here we have red cabbage, Brussel sprouts and Thüringer Klöße”. Ok ok ok, this part I know. And I like it. Fooooood. Yummy in my tummy. “Just take some,” he said. Mrs Scheuch asked what I would like to drink. I replied “Water”, but she understood “white wine”. “Aaaah! White wine! Coming now…!” I just stared at her. Uhm… Then she remembered: “Oh! You meant water. Of course. You don’t drink any alcohol.”

After eating we talked a little bit about holidays in Romania. What am I supposed to say? Except for food, I don’t think we have anything interesting. I gave up on Christmas trees a long time ago, I am just happy to stay at home, eat and study. Great story C. Please go on. So exciting. You are the most interesting person on this planet. But I said “Christmas depends on every family. Some celebrate it, some don’t.” I could see that Mrs Scheuch was disappointed in what she was hearing. She kept on looking at me as if she wanted to say: “Oh kleine C, you are here now and were going to celebrate every Christmas.” She is so motherly and warm. Then they asked me about are there holidays and presents and I said our name days are pretty important for us. We receive gifts… They were all so surprised. “Really?? And what happens when you get your name day a couple of times a year?” “You just get more presents… plus Christmas, birthday, sometimes even Easter…” Young Sophie was thrilled. She found a calendar with Saints and looked up her name on the list. Then Mrs Scheuch wanted a nameday, then Mr Scheuch, then they looked up their son, then their daughter… Sophie went to the laptop eventually in order to clarify the nameday situation in Germany. :))) I found it so funny :))).

Then followed a difficult question from Mrs Scheuch: “How did you make the Carpathians Cake?” O.M.G. “Mrs Scheuch, I would love to explain you how, but I cannot do it in German. I just don’t know the words…” She laid her chin in the palm of her hand and smiled: “How about you give it a try?” Ladies and Gents, here’s one for the most popular language out there: “Gymnastics”. I said three words in German, then “showed them three phrases” in “Gymnastics” (how to roll the dough, how to cook every sheet on the back of the tray, how to spread the filling). Her daughter translated а couple of words in English… In the end, they got it, I think so…

Then Mrs Scheuch brought a present. It was heavy. Covered in green paper with golden figurines on it. And a golden bow. She gave it to me. My green present. I was so excited. I tried to open it slowly and carefully… A book!! Not only just “a” book. The book. “Heimat” by Tim Mälzer. Ooooh “Heimat” (=Home). I felt like crying. They had bought me this book. Me!! “Culinary journeys, ne?” said Mrs Scheuch. Yes!! Food!! And restaurants! My universe! I was so speechless… Even “more speechless” than usual :)) “Thank you… really… thank you!!” I held the book to my chest. It’s mine! I’m so happy! Mine! My present! My home! I already knew who Tim Mälzer was because a good friend had already told me to look him up on Youtube. I even saw a couple of videos of him… Hehe… Such a lovely name…”Home”. Will Germany become my home? Will the Germans accept me? I said “thank you” about 10 times more – this I can say without any problem. And then I went back to my room with my book and read a few recipes… I am so happy…


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