Day 12 – Friday

Day 12 – Friday

Today was great. I’m in a so much better mood and school was also great. I conducted the anamnesis as the doctor. My prayers have been heard!!!

I find it funny because last night I actually spoke to another colleague, also a Certa candidate (a super cool doctor from India): “Hey dear what are our homeworks for tomorrow?” Me: “We’re gonna start all over from case 01.” V: “So are you ready???” me: “For what? He’s going to say: dear V, please conduct the anamnesis today.” V: “No, he will say: Dear Dr C, please, will you begin with the anamnesis?” And what did the teacher actually say today? “C, you are the doctor today and V, you will be the patient. Please begin.”

My dear colleague A. looked at me as if she wanted to say: „Uh. Oh. You’re…uhm. Ja.“  And we began with the anamnesis. Normally one should ask “And what do you actually do in your job?” But I looked at V. His face said it all: „No. Don’t you dare, C“. So I just went further. And further. And further… Until I was done. Hmmm. So right now we had two possibilities. Either everything was ok with our role play, or in the next two minutes, we were both going to be flying out the window. The teacher simply stated: The questions were good, you maintained the same structure, you could talk a little bit more about the therapy options, but it was good. Ok. Oooooook. Tip: I really think it would be best if you would write down all the information you need as a patient and all the questions you would ask as a doctor every evening before school, so that you can answer the questions fast when you’re the patient…  and already know the specific questions for each case in case you’re the doctor. It will run smoothlier and the teacher really likes that.

Then followed the letter. He was so calm. OK that is very well written…aham… jaaaa jaaa ok… I would also add this here, but it is good, ja. Mach das so, nur zum Lernen. You are going to hear these words so so so often: Nur zum Lernen. Then we had some listening exercises. All colleagues would answer at once: AAAAAA, BBBBBBB, CCCCCC. But I’m not really keen on being a part of the choir so I just remained quiet. But this time the teacher noticed and said: ” so what do you think, C?” ” I think it’s B.”. He smiled at me. I tried to copy his facial expression. He. He. He…. What’s wrong, man? During the break, he said: “C., if you want…on Monday… you can stay some more after the 3 hours are finished. Nur zum Lernen” No s***, else would I be doing here? Then he went on: “it’s really important for those who want to pass the test”. And then he just glazed at the other colleagues, the ones who wouldn’t take his advice. Oooook, I guess. And he also said he had some more materials for those who want to take the test in Hamburg. And he kept on smiling. Ooooh who could ever understand him?

After school I went with my colleague and my friend from Paris to an Asian restaurant and then I got some FroYo. My friends didn’t want any. They said it was too cold and I am crazy. Hmmmm… But I love froyo. I bought a huge portion and went on a long walk with them. It’s so funny to be around them because my colleague speaks German and understands English and my friend speaks English and understands German. Both can speak the other language but they are too shy to do that… I could speak both if I weren’t eating all the time. So we just settled on this: My colleague and I were going to speak German and he was going to speak English.

We went to see Checkpoint Charlie, The Deutscher Dom, The Französischer Dom and then we went to a Christmas market where they drank some Glühwein.. I just bought myself a bottle of water because I don’t drink any alcohol. And at the end we went to buy me some shoes because they want to walk too much and my boots are too heavy… so yeah.

That’s pretty much it for today. Bis morgen!


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