Long story short…

Long story short…

  1. Certa

I think this whole experience wouldn’t have been so great, had it not been for the Certa Team. Mr Karbownik, Mrs Stade and Mr Grigorov were always there, just a phone-call away, every time I needed something. They would ask regularly if everything was ok, they provided me with extremely detailed Information regarding my accommodation, public transport and everything I needed to know about the Fachsprachschule. Honestly, it felt as if I was part of an actual German family – Certa. I had a feeling of security throughout the entire experience. I also had the opportunity to meet new people. Some of them were on their own, while others had contacted different recruiting agencies. Those who came on their own found it difficult to find accommodation and they often had problems with their documents, plus there was no one there for them, in case they needed some help (they usually asked us, the Certa candidates. Hihi :)) ) I think the most interesting part was meeting candidates from other recruiting agencies. We, Certa candidates, were always joyful, calm and relaxed. We knew all we needed to do was study… and that’s it. We had a clear vision of what was supposed to happen: we come to Berlin, we have a place to live, we meet each other, and we have always someone by our sides, in case we need something… Our flight was already booked and paid by Certa, our accommodation was already paid by Certa, the course was also paid…by Certa… We were almost like “the Certa children”. Our “parents” had already planned and organized everything for us. The talks we had to the other candidates was like a wake-up call for us. What??? :))) Money for the agency?? How come? We never paid anyone… we’re only going to start paying back after we have a job, and even without an interest rate…

  1. Accommodation

I lived by the Scheuch family. I had my own room + bathroom + kitchen… It was as if I lived in a 5* hotel!!! Mrs and Mr Scheuch try their best, so that every guest feels comfortable living by them. They invited me for coffee, breakfast and even lunch… just like my own family would. Not to mention Eddy, their dog… He’s so cute!! And the greatest advantage is that one can practice German with them. Yuhuuuu!!

  1. Fachsprachschule

I was asked a really good question: is the course worth it? 100% YES. One month in Germany is fantastic for improving one’s speaking skills. The teacher is very well organized, he knows exactly, how each class should run, some might say he is somewhat stiff, but that wasn’t a problem for me. I am rather strict myself… so we got along just fine. The teacher gave us many tips, which I don’t think one could come up with on their own. The language level is B1-B2 during the first classes and then it evolves slowly to B2-C1. Not too many new words, not so complicated, but helpful, especially when you need help with organizing your information. I was definitely not overstrained, but the course is 100% good..

  1. City

Berlin. Super experience. Just do it. I honestly do not know how to sum everything up in a few sentences. I’ll just choose some keywords: fast, modern, scrumptious, German, German, German, strolling, crazy new friends <3 <3, memories, Lebensmittel in Mitte, REWE <3 <3, Family, Open-mindedness, memorial, history, study, trust, CERTA, the capital city, home.

If you want to, you can read it all in extenso in my “Blog”:P

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