Wismar Day 5

Wismar Day 5

Today was actually quite alright… but…

After the morning meeting, I went to FÄ KA, who hadn’t been there on Monday “Hello, my name is C and I’m a new Hospitantin here…” She looked at me and said shortly: “I am KA and I’m a FÄ here.” Okkkkkk… I was just trying to be nice and perhaps help around a little… if there’s something for me to do… Ok, no worries, I’ll just disappear into thin air… 🙁 ***heartbroken***

It was my lovely CÄ’s Birthday today. She ordered pizza for everyone. Uhmmm… well. As you already know… Pizza… hmm… not the best dish one could offer me. But I wanted to be a good duckling. Cause she’s so nice, the CÄ. She said she can get me very well, since she comes from Poland. She wanted to know what type of Pizza I preferred… Trock Q… I just said… “I don’t have any preferences” and she gave me a slice. “Achhh… not so big, please.” Why are you the way that you are, C? Normal people eat pizza. What’s wrong with you?!? I ate my slice of pizza and swallowed it slowly. Gone. Huh. She’s nice. I think everyone likes her. The mute duckling is, unfortunately, a bit… different. I’d love to talk to these humans, but I’m too shy. I think they all just assume I can’t. But I can…

Today I met another AÄ – KK. I was a bit anxious at first cause she’s soooo good and well… she’s German. She said I spoke good German. Yeah… with you. But to others… I’m way too shy. Hey, may I hug you? You’re so nice to me. Thank you! Of course, I didn’t tell her that. But every single time someone is nice to me… hmmm… I just want to hug them. That doesn’t happen so very often.

I haven’t got any keys yet. I’m a homeless duckling.

So… I just wandered through the hospital today. OÄ HF was talking to AÄ KK and KK told her I spoke good German. I was so proud of myself! Hihi. But they’re just being polite.

The Surgery CA is super funny. We talked a little about who I am and what I am doing in Germany… he wanted to learn the names of various surgery instruments in Romanian. He then said he has a job offer for one year for me. I don’t think he meant it…or did he? Who’d wanna work with a homeless duckling?

Then… one of my VIPs said I should check out this place called New Orleans and give Spare Ribs with Potato Wedges and Aioli a try. Maaan those were good. My tummy is happy.

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