Bye-bye Wismar… Hello Stolberg…

Bye-bye Wismar… Hello Stolberg…

I had to take a break. You already know me, there are times when I don’t want to talk to anyone. And I didn’t have anything new to tell you guys… I went for coffee with LSF once… we chatted a little… and that’s about it.

Well not everything, actually. I learnt something new. There are angels living in Wismar. I came across two of them. And they will remain forever in my heart. My two new VIPs.

Wismar stays in my heart, too. The Baltic Sea also. Perhaps I’ll return there one day…

Certa was, as always, the best. They’ve already found me a new Hospitation. A new journey through Germany awaits LittleDoc. And a new adventure. And food.

I think you can feel it, though – I’m not so joyful. I won’t dare to expect the best. I think I’ll explain some of my ideas regarding “ideals” on the next days. But. I have trust. In what Certa chose for me.

So… Stolberg, here I come!

PS. Lin is a coffee-junkie… Uncool, Liiiiin….

Update: I finally got here. They’re building something around the train station here. I had to wait 20 minutes for the cab to arrive… At some point I just went back to the people working at the Kiosk (by the train station) and I asked for a new cab. My boots were covered in mud and I was hungry. My luggage is full of dirt… I had to drag everything through mud. It’s raining here.

The hospital seems ok. The hostel is right across the street from the hospital. I have my own bathroom, a fridge, a TV-set, which I don’t really find that attractive, as you all know, and a balcony. The kitchen is for all the people living on this floor. Everything was free of charge.

The hospital

Lin needed to take a bath. ASAP.

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