Stolberg Day 4

Stolberg Day 4

Today I finally got THE E-MAIL. My due date is the 20th of February. Lord. On one hand, I’m really happy about it, cause I honestly cannot handle it anymore. Words….all day long learning them and never reaching the end of it, Anamneses, Roleplay. I’d really just rather be studying Gyn.

On the other side, I am obviously nervous about it. There are yet SO MANY THINGS I don’t quite know. Ughhh…

The hospital was good today. I spent the day with 3 of the AÄ – SU, JF and SH. They were actually aware of my existence. They were worried that there was nothing for me to do and that I might get bored. I did f*ck up once oder twice. I mean I had some communication issues. One of the midwives – HeC laughed at me: „oooh you… you’ve got such an important task…“ C: „duuu…du hast so eine wichtige Aufgabe…“Please Mrs C, would you help me… I cannot speak German and I need to send these to the lab asap. Please…“ HeC: „just give em to me…“ Hihi. Or once I came in too quickly and I startled her. Hec: „You again?“ „yep, unfortunately…“ HeC: „Oh be serious.“

We ate together and some gave their best to make me feel at ease. Others don’t give a rat’s ass about me, but yeah… what can one do about them? And honestly… It stopped hurting so bad.

For the first time since I’ve started writing this blog, I feel like I have to post a Romanian song in here. Who turned me into a grown-up? You can Google-translate the lyrics if you want to.

Who did that to me??

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