Vacation in Hamburg Day 5

Vacation in Hamburg Day 5

Today was so beautiful!

We went to the Behörde für Gesundheit und Verbraucherschutz, in order to collect my Approbation. By 9 am I was already standing in front of the door. I went in. Mr G was really nice to me. In 5 minutes we were already done. I had my Approbation. I am now a doctor in Germany. Mr G came out of his office… „Frau Dr LittleDoc… don’t you need these?“ I had forgotten my gloves. I am so lame.

And then we went to the Certa office. Herr Grigorov was there. He congratulated me and we had some coffee while Lin was walking through the office. He really wanted to take a picture on top of Mr Karbownik’s desk… Ohhh, Lin… Attention-seeker…

Lin on top of Mr Karbownik’s desk x_x Oooh Lin…

Herr Grigorov had some great tips about the city. He told me about this tea-house.And I love tea. And coffee. And cute pillows. And cups. And calla lilies. And pens and notebooks and agendas. And Earl Grey chocolates. And sushi. Never sashimi. And cakes.

I think I’m going to go there. I actually wanted to go there today, but hunger happened. I’d love some white tea.

I went to Picasso Restaurant. Perfection on a plate guys. If you have the time, go there. It’s a Spanish restaurant – really yummy dishes. Really close to the city hall.

Aioli… they give that as a starter. Mega tasty.
Calamari a la Romana
Tarta Santiago (!With almonds)

And then I just wandered through the city… I love Germany.


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