Vacation in Hamburg Day 4

Vacation in Hamburg Day 4

Today was not so interesting.

I wanted to eat something different this morning so I went to the central station and bought some yumms. The well-known Franzbrötchen – specific for Hamburg, then one Kopenhagener and one Schoko-Softy Brötchen. I couldn’t eat it all, but I really wanted to try them out.






Last night I couldn’t finish my video, so I stayed in until 14.30 trying to do that. I finished it, thank God. It’s not perfect, but it’s okay I guess.

I hat lunch by one of the Daniel Wischer Restaurants. Near the city hall. The fish soup was amazing. Fish and mussels and prawns. Perfect. 1.

I also had the fish platter. That wasn’t so good. I don’t know why they make breaded fish so oily here. It takes time, until it drains the excess oil. They should place on one of those grills just like they do at KFC.

And one more thing – I don’t like it when they serve food directly from the pan. Hot. Taste requires 2-3 minutes. Not so… bam! So fish platter…4.

Then I bought myself some salad for the evening and went home.

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