Vacation in Hamburg Day 13 – LittleDoc turns 25

Vacation in Hamburg Day 13 – LittleDoc turns 25

I kept considering the idea of not mentioning my birthday here, but then I recalled having written that I was 24 years old. Well not anymore :D.

It’s been raining the whole day. Well I did ask for spring and rain does belong to this season… so yeah. Ideals. Hehe. I’m happy though. The most important persons in my life congratulated me and I know I have 3-4 person on whom I can rely. And that’s pretty much all I actually need.

Certa Ppl <3  congratulated me too. But that’s not all. My dear Ms Pepelnik called me today. I was (obviously) awkward and shy, but then again, she did read my blog and she also translates it into Croatian, so I guess she wasn’t expecting any laid-back candidate when she phoned me. (or? K ) She also mentioned that it feels as if she already knew me, although we’d never talked before. This is something new for me – sometimes I feel as if I were „naked“ – especially when someone who’s read the blog contacts me and they’re all chill as if they knew me uhm… but I have no idea who they are so I just stay there… in my awkwardness. It wasn’t the case with Ms Pepelnik, I’ve already heard lots about her and I‘ve really got to like her. But guys, if we’ve never talked before, bear in mind what you read on my blog – I AM shy, awkward and cringey. Always. And I don’t know you yet…

And Certa Ppl <3 gave me some good news today. On Wednesday I’m going to do a Hospi in Oldenburg. I’m quite scared, it is an UniKlinik. Up North, near Bremen. I hope they’re going to like me. And that I’m going to like them back.

AND MY BLOG IS OFFICIALLY ONLINE  <3 Vielen Dank @Herr Karbownik.

The Son of Angels VIP had another recommendation for me today (he got it from another friend): Estancia Steaks Restaurant. I have to be honest guys, I was a bit of pressure there 🙂 It was perfect, high class, high quality, you name it… but there were all these types of beef… that I don’t have any clue about yet. I ordered some Rib-Eye Steak, but there wasn’t any piece of bone in it… Anyway, I do strongly recommend you should go there, it was really good, 1, but I was simply too dumb this time.

Steak, fries and Chimichanga Sauce

And the VIP also said I MUST eat a piece of cake on my birthday. So I went to a café near the city hall and I had my mandarin cheesecake. Yummyyyyyyyyy <3

So my day was really simple and just perfect. I went on a loooong walk. Lin and the Musicians of Bremen were there. I felt Hamburg and I was home – up North.

Happy Birthday, LittleDoc.

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