Making up My Mind

Making up My Mind

I talked to my mom, I talk to the angels of Wismar, I talk to their son, I talked to all my VIPs…

I’m really comfortable here in Hamburg. In the North. I can only think of the professor in Rendsburg. The colleagues there. And the one who said that they’d be sad if I didn’t take the offer. But I’m not good enough… I guess they just need people.

So I have both spots open. Just for me.

Perhaps even a PhD study and everything that I ever wanted. Before.

As my lady once said: our needs change. Sometimes in just one second.

The son of angels called me again. “So did you make up your mind?” “So I will stay up North.” “Yeah, I already knew that. But where exactly up North? Both job offers are in the North.” “No, Oldenburg is Aachen. In the west.” “Uhm…?” “No.”

I am moving to Kiel. Just like the Professor said.

And once again: In God I trust.

I sent an email to the professor on Thursday. I was so excited. He replied instantly. Then 2 colleagues called me. They wanted to help me find a place to live, they offered to pick me up in the morning… God, all this fuss…for me. I hope I’m worth it. And that I won’t disappoint them. Too much, I mean.

On Friday, the 16th of March 2018, I signed both contracts. For the apartment and with the clinic. Well actually Frau Naujoks from Certa Kiel signed the contract for the apartment, but you get it.

She picked me up from the central station. Wow. What a cool lady. One can easily tell she’s got her way with people. I was nervous at first, but then we got talking.

We had lunch together. She loves food. Just like me. Hihi. I’m really happy that she’s here. Vielen herzlichen Dank @Frau Naujoks <3

Lunch with lovely @Frau Naujoks

And now some photos from my cool place to live. Certa found it in less than 24 hrs. Wow. And they paid for everything and I’m going to return the money gradually after I start getting paid…

So. Here I am. I have a job. I live in Germany. I have arrived.

Thank you, Certa! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Herr Karbownik!

P.S. Dear Buddies, I won’t have enough time to write in all three languages. As of now, I will only be writing in German.

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