Vacation in Hamburg Day 11

Vacation in Hamburg Day 11

Today was a beautiful day. We went to Bremen.

The city is absolutely wonderful, it’s not too crowded, not (too) dirty, there’s trees, there’s parks, there’s nature, beautiful buildings and water. It reminds me of Dresden.

What I didn’t know was that Lin has relatives here, too. God they’re everywhere. Big family.

But today was also a big day for us. Change. As we were wandering through Schnoorviertel we came across 4 new buddies.

They said it’s not normal for a girl and her teddy to cross Germany just, ladies and geon their own.

So, ladies and gents, I give you: The Bremen Town-Musicians.

They are going to protect us – especially during the nighttime. And they’re going to live with us. We’ll see how much space I’ve got in my backpack… But I think they‘ll want to stay at home – for „it suited the four musicians of Bremen so well that they did not care to leave it anymore.“  Hihi. After all, this is my fairytale…

My Lin is so happy. He’s not going to be alone anymore while I’m at work…

I went to eat at the Teestübchen im Schnoor restaurant and I finally had some white tea there.

I ordered „Unser Bremer Kükenragout – hausgemacht mit Fleisch von der Maispoularde, Flusskrebsen, Spargel, Champignons und Morcheln in Hummersauce, angerichtet in der Blätterteigpastete.“ – not in 1000 years will I translate this, just check out the picture. It was chicken ragout. 😀 It was really good, but 1 is only for Bullerei, Delta and Brook. Here:  1.50.

According to Tripadvisor, it received an excellence prize last year. Well, I wouldn’t quite call it excellent, but it is pretty good. And the tea is great. The atmosphere is really relaxed and cosy. Gorge‘.

I wanted to eat at „Kleiner Olymp“, but it was closed….

Bremen remains in my heart. You’re another little gem of the North, Bremen.


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