Stolberg Day 1

Stolberg Day 1

I went to the staff department in the morning in order to get my contract signed. The man working there explained to me that they only have Obstetrics here and that all Gyn cases go to Echweiler. So all Surgery, Oncology, Breast, Incontinence and so on go there. Tumour Meetings take place there. Okay. I read somewhere that at least some Sprechstunde für Gyn take place here. We’ll see…

I went to the ward. The CA is really polite and nice. He showed me around and introduced me to the other colleagues. „the new Praktikantin… uhm… what was you name… (funny how all people in Germany worry about getting my name right. I don’t really care about it. I had a nickname all throughout high school and then med school, my colleagues call me by that name, even some of the professors at Uni and teachers in high school used it. So bout my name… forget about that)… she was the first in her year…“. I just smiled at him. He read my CV. He had actually printed it. Nice. But I’m not that good. I feel a bit „challenged“ regarding these practical things.

The clinic has many births, around 1700 per year. They’re building some new delivery rooms. 1700 is a lot, but like… that’s all they do: obstetrics. But I guess it’s nice they work together with the Eschweiler clinic. Good 🙂

Then I went to Aachen… Hmmm the city is pretty large, one can find almost everything one needs there. I went to a Running Sushi place and then I just wandered through the old town.

And now I’m at the dorm and I’m about to practice with my beloved colleague. SHE PASSED THE EXAM – did I mention it before? YAY Dr. GH!!!! <3 I find it so so sooooo nice, that she wastes her time on me… THANK YOU!!!



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