Wismar Day 12

Wismar Day 12

AÄ MG didn’t really have that much time for me today. BUT!! AÄ KK allowed me to come with her… all day long! I was always shy when I had to talk to her cause she’s so good at everything and she seems to know it all… But she showed me a great deal of things and she explained everything. Yaaay! Then I went to FÄ KB. She asked me to go and ask AÄ KK if she had time for a specific procedure… So I went to her… but she was not alone; almost all doctors were there. Aaaand I had to speak. In front of everyone. That was… really difficult for me. But I did it. I didn’t get the patient’s name quite correctly, but it was a looooong one.

AÄ MG drove me home afterwards. She’s nice…and I can talk to her… I say stupid things too, but yeah… at least I speak. Hihi.

Now study…


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