Wismar Day 2

Wismar Day 2

I woke up so joyful today. But, as usual… my heating problem is back. I have to reacclimatize myself here. 🙂 I knew I was coming to the North… Today I had some long walks through the city, I went to a flea market, then to the harbour… I’m speechless. Certa found me a place to live really really close from everything there is to see here… restaurants, markets, everything. I also went to see the hospital. It was so clean and nice. I hope they’ll be friendly to me. I have to go buy myself some sneakers now… and then study.

Mr Karbownik just called me. We practiced the Vorstellunggespräch in case the Chefärztin might ask something. Ahhh… Certa people – they know everything. And they’re always one step ahead.

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