Day 7

Day 7

Certa is a Perpetual motion maschine. Da Vinci would be jealous of Mr Karbownik. Hihi. He made it. One „GO!” and Certa works 24/7… without any other stimuli.

Today was amazing. Mr Karbownik sent me an e-mail this morning… regarding a clerkship… up North. Puuurrrrfect. You know, I couldn’t really say why I’m so keen on going to the North. As I initially came to Germany, I only wanted something in the South… perhaps West. But after my „alone” time in Berlin, I need to spend some time in the North. Some quality time with myself was exactly what I needed. Aaaaand alsooooo… Certa is also there, in the North. I think Mrs Stade and I are almost neighbours now. <3 Hihi.

So back to my Hopitation. It’s going to be in Wismar… Ob/Gyn!!! Certa already found me accommodation there, they already booked my flight, I’ve also got my travel plan all sorted out – by Certa. I don’t know if you are aware of it or if you counted the days, but today is Monday. Certa worked even throughout the weekend!!! I am so so so lucky… I would really love to thank them in a much nicer way, but all I can say in German is „Thank you for everything you’ve done for me”. That’s a bit frustrating. 🙁 I just hope they know how grateful I am.

So! Packing now!!


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