Day 25 – Thursday

Day 25 – Thursday

Today was a crazy day.

I went to lunch, I had some sushi with A. By the way! I forgot to tell you about a great restaurant that I found  – Lebensmittel in Mitte. If you have the chance, please go there. Also right next to Spooning Cookie Dough I found a bunch of restaurants, they seemed cosy and welcoming. Fusion, Asian and so on…

Then I went to Rewe to buy some sweets for my friends in Romania. I have two cousins there, twins, 18 years old… They were my baby dolls when I was younger… They said they wanted Maoam and Sahne Muh-Muhs… But of course, I bought many more sweets for them… And two T-shirts. They are graduating high school this year and hopefully going to med school, that would be their dream… They were so sad when they heard I’m going to move to Germany. But I guess they could come and visit whenever they want. There aren’t too many people who I want to see in Romania, just my mum, my two cousins and a couple of friends…

I went to the Scheuch family. As usual…they were very nice to me. Their daughter and granddaughter were still there. Hmmm… They said they’d like to read my blog. Oook. I find their daughter to be a super cool lady. I have already said that all the Germans that I’ve known are warm friendly and polite. But she has another quality: one feels so relaxed around her. Mainly because she is super laid-back, too. I have only talked to her about three times, but during that lunch, on the 26th there was a “click” in my head… Thanks to her. Perhaps only I felt it, but now I am so much more relaxed around Germans… Vielen, vielen Dank! (I am not just writing this because I know you will be reading it, I mean it. Thank you!). That doesn’t mean I’m not awkward anymore. Of course, I am. Just a little bit less.

So… I need to start packing and crying. I do not want to go back to Romania. Crap.

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