Day 6 – Saturday

Day 6 – Saturday

We’ve known each other for like… 6 days now? What does C. love? Food. Therefore: Saturday = FOOOOOOOD. 🙂 It’s way too cold to go on a walk today and I’m also feeling a bit lazy… buuuut I did go to Rewe. Gotta go there daily 🙂 I think I’m gonna bake something today. Cocoa butter and lime crescents… with poppy seed filling <3


I’ve also filmed some of the videos for you guys. I lack the skills, but I guess one could use them in case of emergency. Hey, I did my best, okay?! 😛

Regarding the heating issue: It’s currently working again. No idea how or why, perhaps it’s the stars… I mean, it worked perfectly fine till about 7-8 in the evening, and then it stopped working in the kitchen. The temperature is okay, tho’.

Regarding my “beloved” Food…

I am in love with cheese. Brie, Camembert, Gorgonzola, Roquefort, plain cheese, complex cheese :))) I luv luv luv it… You should definitely give this one a try… I found it at Rewe, of course. It’s not as nippy as goat cheese for instance, but it’s goooooooood.

This terrine with horseradish is also quite flavourful.

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