Day 24 – Wednesday

Day 24 – Wednesday

Today went exactly as I had expected. The teacher remembered my request and so the day started with my anamnesis. It was good, but I had the tendency to speak too fast because my patient was a bit slower, and I forgot a couple of things during the first part, which I remembered later during the “Arzt-Arzt Gespräch”. The anamnesis remains my biggest problem, especially when the patient is a bit insecure. I find the last part of the exam to be the easiest (Arzt-Arzr Gespräch).

After school, my colleague said she wanted to eat some curry wurst. We went to Alexanderplatz (U-Bahn Station!! There is a super cheap souvenir shop there in case you want to buy gifts for your beloved ones back home) and then we ate Käsewurst instead of Currywurst. A good friend of mine explained later that I had eaten “Krakawer”. It was good when I had it, but now I feel a bit too full… oooh… And I also tried the Germknödel with vanilla sauce and poppy seeds. I looooove poppy seeds, almost as much as I love cheese! There are so many poppy seed sweets here in Germany!! <3<3<3 But the Germknödel had too much vanilla sauce… My stomach isn’t so joyful tonight…

And then, because it was my nameday, I went and bought myself a new headset. I’m so happy. But more important than the headset, I bought myself a teddy bear. Klein und süß!!

My colleague remained at Primark’s while I went to Saturn’s… And when I return to Primark there were so many people around and I couldn’t find A. I called her phone, I texted her, but she wouldn’t answer. After 20 minutes of waiting without a reply, I went back home. A, where do you keep your phone???!!! She felt so sorry, but she said she was fascinated with Primark… oooook :))) No worries.

Then I had my daily clementine and started studying. Then sleeeeeeep!

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