Day 19 – Friday

Day 19 – Friday

Today was a good day. I didn’t really get to do much, but I did interrupt the teacher a couple of times… oops. Still. There was something. He said I wrote really quickly. After 4 days I managed to finish my letter in 19 minutes. Another colleague finished it in 26 minutes and all the others in more than 30 minutes. Hehe. Yeah, Mr., I know I can write super fast, but what about the anamnesis?? Ughhh. I need to practice it more.

Anyways. I had already bought some chocolates for him for Christmas so I went to give them to him and to wish him Merry Christmas… and to thank him for his patience. (Hehe.. I know… What patience? But to me… Up to this moment… He was actually really nice. And I still have three days left. I must make it till the end.) Now, a normal person would probably end the discussion here, after wishing him all the best. Not me. I must always remain awkward. So I just stood there. Staring at him. In awkward silence. He eventually said: “Thank you… But why…you? You are excellent!” Exce-f***g-lent my ass. Me: “Heeeee thank you… hiii… You know… uhm… I’m going back home on the 29th… And on that day I can only stay here for 2 hours. Do you think it would be possible that I could practice more on Wednesday and Thursday perhaps??” He said “Ja, klar!!” Aaahm. We’ll see about that. The problem is the last clinical cases are a bit idiotic… Oh well.

Then I went to Rewe’s. Someone told me I should eat more meat and vegetables. And so I bought some…

So the Scheuchs said I should have lunch with them on the 26th. And that they are having guests for Christmas… I would really love to cook something from Romania… But the ingredients are not always so easy to find and I don’t have all my cooking stuff with me… So I think I’m just going to bake a cake “Carpați” (Carpathians Cake). It takes two days to finish it. But I hope it will be worth it. My mum always bakes it for Christmas.

So I spend the whole evening baking the 14 dough layers for my cake. I have a tiny problem with the filling. I find it to be too chocolatey, and I noticed how the Germans like their sweets a bit drier, which is not bad, but I think our sweets would be too creamy for them. So instead of a chocolate filling I will prepared some dulche de leche. That takes three to four hours to make but it’s simpler and better I think.

So. Zum Schlafen.


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