Day 16 – Tuesday

Day 16 – Tuesday

The morning course was absolutely useless today. We learnt basically nothing new. We just conducted an anamnesis and wrote a letter. I think I got so bored that I had to do something in order not to kill myself from boredom,  so I started contradicting the teacher. He said hemochromatosis means Morbus Wilson. And I said: “No, excuse me, that is wrong. Morbus Wilson has nothing to do with iron deposits… it’s with copper”. Or he said: “Hypothyroidism is Hashimoto disease” and of course I had to say something about it and I did: “Excuse me, but Hashimoto disease may lead to hypothyroidism, but they are not synonyms.” He said: “The patient has polytrauma, he hurt his arm and his knee as he fell off his bike.” And of course I had to intervene and said “No… Polytrauma means at least 3 lesions in two different parts of the body and at least one or all of them together have to be life-threatening.” And it went so for the whole rest of day. But he was unexpectedly calm. However… haha!! Kleine C! He said he wanted to try something new. I was going to be the doctor, conduct the anamnesis, and then we were going to do the third part of the exam, but without the letter. I was just going to take a look at what I have written down during the anamnesis and speak freely about the case. I actually made it and without him getting angry at me. Yay for me!! 😀

After school we were all too tired. So I just went home, ate some chocolate and wrote an article… I have to send it back to Romania. Sometimes I ask myself if a PhD degree is worth anything here. So many emails, so much work… And you know, it’s a bit frustrating because right now I am actually writing something out of my mind, it’s just a homework for one of the professors. Waste of time and energy… And I don’t think anyone will ever ask me: “So Dr C, do you have a PhD degree?” Nobody cares I guess, but oh well. I might as well just go on with it. I really love the topic, it’s about preneoplastic cervical lesions. Gyn ftw!!


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