Day 15 – Monday

Day 15 – Monday

As you can probably notice, I am starting to have a little bit trouble with keeping up with writing my blog while studying. That’s because we’ve started writing medical letters, which take a bit of practice and a bit of time. But I’m starting to get the hang of it. I also stayed a couple of hours extra for the afternoon course today. And I was actually amazed by it. The teacher was so relaxed and calm and he even made a couple of jokes. We started studying the third part of the exam, which is the Arzt-Arzt Gespräch (so the doctor to doctor talk) and it was really interesting. Finally something new and not as boring as writing, writing and more writing. So if you have the chance to stay for an extra course do it. It’s totally worth it… I would say it’s actually better than the morning part.

Someone asked me today about how much money I’ve spent till now. I think it’s an interesting topic. Today is day 15. Till now I have spent €450 (and that includes my monthly ticket, which is 100.5 euro). I normally eat out at least four times a week. That means 10 to €15 per menu. And apart from that I’ve pretty much bought it all from Rewe und Aldi. I think I’m going to make a list with how much stuff cost around here, like bread water and so on. I only drink one coffee in the morning. I wouldn’t drink boiled coffee, I prefer cold brew but that takes a little time to prepare and I am lazy. So I just buy my coffee from Yorma’s in Friedrichstrasse. That costs €1.20/day.

So! Zum Lernen!


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